Van Lang University received the advocacy of investment to Hoa Lac (Hanoi) Hi-tech Park.

(Admission Office – Van Lang, December 29th, 2018 ) – On 12 December 2018, Managing board of Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park, Hanoi, promulgated the advocacy of investment No.222/QS-CNCHL that allocated Van Lang University the project “The Van Lang University training and research complex at Hi-Tech park Hoa Lac”.

The Hoa Lac project managing team was directly under Ministry of Science and Technology (address: Km 29, Than Long Boulevard, Thach That, Ha Noi). The Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park is expected to be the economic model of Vietnam in the future, the city of science and smart ecological technology. For manufacturing and researching area, the government advocacy of developing high technology, Hoa Lac Hi-tech park focus on attracting investment in 4 areas: information technology, biotechnology, material technology and autonomy technology.

The orientation towards training human resources for high technology and scientific research for training; the Van Lang University‘s Board of Management with the advocacy is to exploit the potential of science and technology at Hoa Lac Hi-tech park. After many efforts, on 22/12/2018, Van Lang University received the advocacy of investment from Hoa Lac project management “The complex of training and research Van Lang University at Hoa Lac Hi-tech park”.

Investing location: Plot DT 2-1 Training and Educational Area – Hoa Lac Hi-tech park, Ha Noi City.
The training scale: 15.000 students and research fellows.
The constructing scale: 82.500 square meter constructible gross floor area.

dai hoc van lang du an hoa lacMr Nguyen Trung Quynh, Deputy Chair of Managing Board Hoa Lac Hi-tech zone promulgated the advocacy of investment to Dr. Nguyen Cao Tri - Deputy Head of the Managing Board, Van Lang University.

This is a remarkable event of Van Lang’s development history – a 25-year prestige private university from South Vietnam now adventure to the North. This was the happy news coming in a very last day of 2018 that inspires Van Lang’s human, there is full of hope for a tremendous transformation in the coming year. The project “The Van Lang University training and research complex at Hoa Lac Hi-tech Park” would commence constructing on the 3rd quarter of 2019; to complete the constructing blocks in accordance with the approved plan of Ministry of Science and Technology. 

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