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Morning 12/4/2019, Van Lang University organizes the 4th Profession Day at Van Lang’s 3rd Campus (69/68 Dang Thuy Tram, Ward 13, Bình Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City)

The event having the present of Board of Trustees, Party Committees, Van Lang University’s Board of Management with 50 businesses and students.

Established in 1995, after 24 years of development, Van Lang University has conferred certificate to 39,350 Master, Bachelors, Architects. Until now, Van Lang is one of the universities has multiple majors, over 14,000 students studying 31 majors training in multiple aspects: Arts, Social Science & Humanities, Tourism, Engineering – Technology, Economy, etc. To connect Van Lang students and businesses, the profession day was annually organized, attracted the attention of students and the participation of enterprises.

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Through profession day 2019, Van Lang University signing cooperation agreements with businesses, which opens new opportunities for Van Lang students to have the good environment to gain practical experience, to have internship opportunity and work integrated learning at enterprise. Profession day is the occasion for businesses approaches young potential candidates for human resources.

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For many businesses working in various industry, profession day from which businesses introduce the brand image and products to young people are the human resources and potential customers in the future.

At the profession day, businesses directly receive applications, conduct a real-time face-to-face interview at the venue and received about potential “candidates” in multiple industries. For Van Lang students, this is the opportunity to show their ability, real “interview”, deeper understanding about their future career.

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Profession day Program 2019

Time: Friday, 12/4/2019 (8:00 am – 12:00 pm)

1st Session: Opening (Main Hall 3rd Campus)

* Welcome performance

* Statement of reasons, introduction of delegates

* President of Van Lang University gives opening speech

* Introducing participated businesses in the profession day

* Signing the MOU between businesses and Faculty/University

2nd Session: Recruitment (main hall LV Building – 3rd Campus)

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