Date: 10th April, 2019

Venue: 11.1, 11.3 (Floor 11), Block A, Campus 3, Van Lang University

Climate change – Major issue of Vietnam

Climate change is the major problem of this Century, the symptom is the heating rising globally and the rising sea level, the unbalance of habitat – world atmosphere cause the green house effect. Vietnam is one of the nations suffer the severe consequence of climate change, rising sea level, green house effect and over-urbanization. Since, many experts has alerted about the impact of climate change on Vietnam and require the immediate solutions.

Phát triển bền vững là định hướng tương lai của các quốc gia trên thế giới, dựa trên 3 yếu tố: phát triển kinh tế, phát triển xã hội và phát triển môi trường. Trong đó, phát triển môi trường đang là vấn đề nóng bỏng trong thời đại mới.

Sustainable development which is the future directions of nations around the world, based on 3 criteria: economics development, social development and environmental development. All of above, environment is the hot debate topic in the modern world.

Accodring to the forecasting report of Department of Natural Resources and Environment that recently announce, so the average number for the period 1980 – 1990, the forecasting ration about climate change is significant, In detail:

– The air temperature: the worst assumption (greenhouse admission increase). Until year of 2100 the global temperature would increase 3.1 – 3.6oC in Northern and Middle Northern, 2.1-2.6oC higher in South Central Coast, Central Highlands and Southern Vietnam. The normal assumption (greenhouse emission at average rate), the ratio equal to 2.4 – 2.80C and 1.6-2.00C.

– The rising sea level:  sea level at average increase 30 – 33 cm in 2050 and 74-100 cm in 2100

The statistical data forecast the hurry of climate change in Vietnam. The sustainable development which is the long-term solution and selected by number of nations to solve the climate change. Sustainable development based on some criteria: the urban appropriate use natural resources, appropriate consumption of natural resources and energy, downgrade of exhausts; urban infrastructure is completed and modern, especially the water supply system, sewage, wastewater treatment, “green” energy.

International Scientific Conference about the solutions for climate change, April 2019

Including in the VL25 chain of activities of Van Lang university hosted from 06 April 2019 to 12 April 2019, The international scientific Conference in environment – technology will be hosted on 10th April 2019, with the topic “sustainable design and adapt with climate change”

The Conference has  the present of 16 keynote speakers whom are Vietnamese and international experts in the Technology – Environment industry.

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