Date: 10th April, 2019
Venue: Meeting Room Truong Sa 1, Floor 4, L-V Building, Campus 3, Van Lang University

Vietnam’s Tourism in the globalizing context

Tourism is the important industry in the economy of nations. In recent decades, tourism stormily develop around the world, anyplace human can step which may become the touristic points such as train, flooting house. From the famous, developed city like Paris, London, New York, Washington, Tokyo, Beijing, etcs to the ancient sites like Eygyptian Pyramid, Collosum, Angkor Temple, etc. From the sand dunes or Great Mediterranean to the highest mount Himalaya in Nepal, etc. all become the touristic point.

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Tourism positively contribute to the development – Vietnamese Society. Globalization creates change, especially in rural area that approaches and participate into international environment , increasing customer’s source, capital, experience, information and technology; participating in the chain of globalization of service supplying toward tourists; promote the local culture identity.

Besides that, there are rising problems for public tourism in the globalization context, such as the competitions between domestic company with foreign business; limited economic scales, vision; difficulty in conserving identity, monopoly advantage at local area; obscurely define the core value, reality, origin of attractive tourism: culture, rural habitat, agriculture, cuisine, traditional crafting village, lifestyle, etc. that create the increasing value for tourism products.

Globalization of tourism is not only global tourism, but also the development of tourism following international standard, which are described by serving style, routine standard; cultural attitude and habitat. Thus, globalizing tourism which is not same as eliminating the uniqueness of a specific culture but forming the distinct way of thinking about globalization about respects, protection, conserve the typical value of culture and habitat, so it creates the motives for sustainable development of tourism.

International Conference about sustainable development of tourism in the globalizing context.

Including in VL25 chain that aims to 25 years of establishing Van Lang University on 10/04/2019, Van Lang University host the international Scientific conference of Tourism with the topic Public Tourism and Sustainable Development in the globalizing context.

In the discussion session, speech of international experts and national fellows who reveals the problems and finds solutions for community tourism in the globalizing context with the purposes of sustainable development.

du lichProf. Chung Hoang Chuong and Prof. Philippe Bachimon

The conference deeply rate, analyze the agonistic issues and practical context of Vietnam’s tourism in the present tense through 03 discussion sessions with 15 topic about main content: The strategy of developing community tourism product, opportunities and challenges of developing community tourism, lessons learn from the current issue of community tourism development, Potential and developing direction of community tourism, national characteristic and tourism among the global integration context.

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