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VLU IADW 2019 (Van Lang University - International Art & Design Workshop 2019)

Date: 9-12/4/2019

Venue: 3rd Floor, 6th Floor – LV Building (3rd Campus of Van Lang University)

Social Design is not a new definition in Vietnam. Nevertheless, many people misunderstand with other aspects of the society. Target and judging criteria of a design that are understood as the Social Design, which carries social value for serving purpose, regenerating society.

In the developing periods of history, human is   always competing about territorial rights, economic rights. The market economy appreciates profit, so the competition become more and more intense. For profits, many manufacturers ignore their responsibilities of conserving the environment, over exploitation of natural resources, cut-off price at all cost. The prolonged circumstances. For decades, the natural devastation rate becomes global scale reach the danger alert, many social organizations call for actions, together protecting the natural environment and living habitat, reducing living condition gap between social classes.

There are still many points of views on Social Design are discussed in recent 10 years. In the developing countries like Vietnam that the design is still at early stage, the Social Design has number of problems required deeper research in training as well as practical implementation. In April 2019, Industrial Fine Arts Faculty of Van Lang University hosted international scientific conference SOCIAL DESIGN – VIETNAM DESIGN TREND 2025 giving the expectation to the contributed discussion of international specialists and national fellows, Vietnamese Social Design receives the positive rate over social aspect, developing according to international design trend and earn a position in international design industry, which influences to the national development and its educational industry.

The Conference included in the chain of Arts Workshop and IADW international Design 2019 Competition of Industrial Fine Arts Faculty of Van Lang University, which have the participation of authority, associations, experts, designers and businesses from Australia, Korea, Netherland, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand accompanying with experts, designers from Vietnam.

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